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Your pipes are an integral part of your home, so when something goes wrong, you need an expert who is trained to handle the problem. Tufaro Plumbing & Piping Co offers whole-house repiping services throughout the Lakewood, NJ area. Copper and galvanized pipes often fail and leak inside your walls, which can lead to serious damage and expensive repairs. Repiping is often the best way to restore your home's functionality.

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Keeping you informed every step of the way

When you hire us for whole-house repiping, our team will...

  • Meet with you for an initial consultation to go over the process
  • Inspect the pipes to determine the severity of the damage
  • Repipe your home with brand-new, effective piping
If your home needs repiping, reach out to the experts at Tufaro Plumbing & Piping Co today.